Assignments are to be completed individually unless otherwise noted, and should be submitted via Canvas. Assignments are due at 11:59PM on the due date. Assignments received after the due date cannot be submitted by Canvas, and must be e-mailed to the Professor and TAs. Assignments received after the due date will be penalized (10% immediately, and an additional 10% per 24 hours after the initial due date). If you are having issues submitting via Canvas, e-mail the assignment to the Professor and TAs before 1AM after the due date to ensure you will not be penalized.

Instructions about some common mistakes:

- Ensure you fully submit your assignment. Just uploading the files, or uploading the files and clicking "Save" does not submit the assignment. You must click Submit.
- Upload a PDF. The graders may not be using Microsoft Office, so DOCX files are not allowed. If you upload a DOCX file, it may not be readable. This will negatively impact your score.
- Embed screenshots into the PDF file. You should not attach screenshots as separate files. Please see a TA if you need instruction on how to do this.
- EXPLAIN SCREENSHOTS. You will be downgraded if you simply submit a screenshot as an answer, but do not explain what is shown.

Lab Assignments

Assignment Due Date
Prelab 1 and Lab 1 Jan 29
Prelab 2 and Lab 2 Feb 18
Lab 3 (No prelab) Mar 4
Final Project

Mar 19

Show demo before Mar17 
Or submit demo PDF with code


Homework (You should work on them, but no need to submit your answer)

Assignment Due Date Solutions

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Sample Midterm

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5









 Chapter 1 solutions

Chapter 2 solutions

 N/A (Will not be posted)

Chapter 3 solutions

Chapter 4 solutions

Chapter 5 solutions